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Let us help improve your Business or Home for structural reasons or for better Curb Appeal with our BrickWork and Tuck-Pointing Services in the St Louis area.  "We Fix Your Broken Bricks!".

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  Why it’s important: 
  Tuckpointing your bricks will help stop the corrosion of the         mortar joints, give your structure restored stability, prevent       water from causing further damage to your house (especially   for your chimney), and leave your home or business looking     fresh and new.

Tuckpointing your bricks:

Tuck pointing your bricks is the process of repairing damaged joints between the joints of bricks by replacing the mortar.  This can occur on you chimney or brick wall as well as other locations are using brick for your structure.  Mortar can become damaged due to weather conditions especially excess water.  Moisture can cause the mortar to weaken and potentially lead to other problems including a loss of structural integrity, such as a chimney collapse.   

What is TuckPointing?

There are many reasons you may consider tuck-pointing your home.  Some include:

  • To Prevent Water Damage
  • Better Curb Appeal
  • Stop Leaks
  • Prevent Further Damage to Structure & Bricks

Why Tuckpoint your Home?