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Moes Masonry offers both residential and commercial roofing projects. We service the St. Louis and surrounding areas.  We can help you determine if you need a whole new roof or a roof repair due to a possible leak.  We are more than masonry; we can offer you a roofing contractor to help stop the burdensome leaks that may be from your roof.  We take great pride in our work and of the experience in the construction field.  Moe’s looks forward to working for you or your business as your St Louis roofing contractor.  
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    Signs You May Need a New Roof

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    We Can Fix or Replace Flat, Composition, Metal or Tile Roofing

    You may wonder "Why is my roof leaking?" - "Do I need a new roof?"  Many things can be the cause of your roof leak.  Our specialty is fixing and installing flat roofing, but we also can install or repair (roofing leaks) your current roofing structure.  If a new roof (roof replacement) is needed for your home or business, you can always choose the same roof or select from a different material you currently use for your structure.  Let our many years of construction and roofing services help you choose what material and option is best for your situation.

    We Recommend you first have a Roof Inspection.  It can be hard to determine if you require roof repair or roof replacement without inspecting your roof and any possible leaks and what may be causing the problem.
    After your inspection, you can choose which materials (if applies) to fix or replace your roof.  Your roofing specialist may explain the best materials to fix or replace your roof.  We may also suggest changing out your roof ventilation system or fixing your system; this is critical to your structure and can actually decrease the life of your roof by increasing moisture if not done properly.

    You may also change your roof to increase the property’s value or for curb appeal.  Picking the right durable roofing to match your architecture and/or neighborhood can be a daunting task.  We can help you decide which roofing is best for your home, neighborhood and your family.

    Your home may need a whole new roof or roof repairs. 
    Some signs may include:

    • Leaking (especially after rain)
    • Water Spots or Stains on your Ceiling
    • Ceiling Deterioration - Ceiling Damage
    • Structure Damage
    • Foundation Damage

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