Frequently Asked Questions when Remodeling a Home:

When doing a home remodel, can I match the bricks and mortar?

Yes you can match mortar color by using dye which you can locate at a material supplier such as F.W. Clemens Company  or  Raineri Materials. 

For matching bricks, you can try to find old used bricks from suppliers such as Century Used Brick or Acme brick in St. Louis.  

You can also obtain a new brick from Richards Brick or Missouri Brick to  find a similar match to your old brick.

Are my exposed bricks causing drafts and how do i fix that with Masonry Work? 

There are a few issues that may cause drafts in your home. 
Firstly, you want to check if your home is properly insulated.  

The problem may also be from loose mortar joints in your bricks,
missing mortar joints or a gap between walls and windows. 

We provide solutions to repair all these home improvement issues. 

Is my fireplace causing drafts and how do I know if it time to repair my Fireplace or Chimney? 

The answer is similar to the above question. 

It could be your Fireplace or Chimney as well as other issues. 
You want to check for gaps in the mortar of your brick, damaged bricks, missing mortar, and other issues which we can inspect for a small fee. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Historic Home Renovations

Home Renovations in st louis

The St Louis area has many old historic homes that are beautiful but

often come with home improvement issues that can turn your

dream home into a nightmare! 

Have a Home Project that needs to get done? 

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Do you have an old home that needs brickwork? 

Does your home have a draft of cold air?
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We offer masonry brickwork for your Historic Home Renovation or any age house. 

We also provide commercial services for your business. 



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