Chimney Repair and Maintenance are important for your home.  Damaged Chimneys may cause a few issues including:

  • Water Damage (water leaks)
  • Fire Safety
  • Unwanted Animal Infestations
  • Structural Problems

Chimneys - Chimney Repair

What Chimney Style is right for my Home?

Your Chimney:

  Why it’s important: 
  Having a well built chimney is important for your home or      business.  Structural issues with your building (including your chimney) can cause problems including leaks.  Moes Masonry can build you or your business a new chimney or rebuild your existing one, repair damaged mortar, brickwork, tuckpoint, and determine the leak area to help waterproofing. 

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Most residential homes match the style Chimney to their home style.  We can help you or your architect decide which is best for you and your structure. We can build you a new Chimney or repair your old one.  We also offer Fireplace installation and repair.

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We can build or repair your Chimney for your Business or Home in the St Louis area. 

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